Akron mileage chart

Major cities in the United States
125 miles
192 miles
299 miles
353 miles
366 miles
409 miles
437 miles
479 miles
715 miles
861 miles
1,166 miles
1,199 miles
1,282 miles
1,361 miles
1,441 miles
1,998 miles
2,351 miles
2,366 miles
2,484 miles
2,515 miles
 Columbus, OH
 Detroit, MI
 Indianapolis, IN
 Baltimore, MD
 Chicago, IL
 Philadelphia, PA
 New York, NY
 Charlotte, NC
 Memphis, TN
 Jacksonville, FL
 Dallas, TX
 Fort Worth, TX
 Houston, TX
 Austin, TX
 San Antonio, TX
 Phoenix, AZ
 San Diego, CA
 Los Angeles, CA
 San Francisco, CA
 San Jose, CA
Closer towns
6 miles
7 miles
8 miles
8 miles
8 miles
11 miles
12 miles
15 miles
15 miles
16 miles
18 miles
19 miles
21 miles
22 miles
23 miles
24 miles
26 miles
27 miles
28 miles
29 miles
 Cuyahoga Falls, OH
 Tallmadge, OH
 Portage Lakes, OH
 Barberton, OH
 Stow, OH
 Norton, OH
 Green, OH
 Kent, OH
 Hudson, OH
 Wadsworth, OH
 North Canton, OH
 Macedonia, OH
 Ravenna, OH
 Twinsburg, OH
 Medina, OH
 Streetsboro, OH
 Brecksville, OH
 Aurora, OH
 Broadview Heights, OH
 North Royalton, OH
International mileage
313 miles
601 miles
1,738 miles
1,741 miles
1,964 miles
2,180 miles
2,280 miles
2,286 miles
2,295 miles
2,405 miles
 Toronto, Canada
 Montreal, Canada
 Juarez, Mexico
 Monterrey, Mexico
 Calgary, Canada
 Leon, Mexico
 Guadalajara, Mexico
 Zapopan, Mexico
 Mexico City, Mexico
 Tijuana, Mexico

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United States mileage chart

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