Cartagena mileage chart

Major cities in Colombia
81 miles
91 miles
106 miles
145 miles
179 miles
228 miles
390 miles
440 miles
461 miles
516 miles
530 miles
558 miles
643 miles
659 miles
660 miles
660 miles
739 miles
742 miles
778 miles
891 miles
 Santa Marta
Closer towns
10 miles
13 miles
18 miles
30 miles
31 miles
39 miles
40 miles
41 miles
45 miles
46 miles
47 miles
48 miles
54 miles
59 miles
66 miles
71 miles
74 miles
75 miles
78 miles
140 miles
 Turbaco, Colombia
 Turbana, Colombia
 Arjona, Colombia
 Santa Rosa, Colombia
 Clemencia, Colombia
 San Pablo, Colombia
 Mahates, Colombia
 Luruaco, Colombia
 Maria La Baja, Colombia
 San Cristobal, Colombia
 San Estanislao, Colombia
 Soplaviento, Colombia
 San Juan Nepomuceno, Colombia
 Repelon, Colombia
 Calamar, Colombia
 Santa Lucia, Colombia
 Piojo, Colombia
 Campo de la Cruz, Colombia
 Manati, Colombia
 Pedraza, Colombia
International mileage
375 miles
575 miles
705 miles
718 miles
734 miles
865 miles
 Maracaibo, Venezuela
 Barquisimeto, Venezuela
 Merida, Venezuela
 Valencia, Venezuela
 Maracay, Venezuela
 Caracas, Venezuela

Colombia mileage chart

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