Cusco distances

Major cities in Peru
215 miles
241 miles
303 miles
349 miles
490 miles
491 miles
562 miles
682 miles
686 miles
707 miles
771 miles
778 miles
949 miles
1,029 miles
1,105 miles
1,155 miles
1,222 miles
1,272 miles
1,372 miles
1,489 miles
 Chincha Alta
Closer towns
15 miles
16 miles
29 miles
31 miles
48 miles
63 miles
87 miles
119 miles
140 miles
148 miles
155 miles
202 miles
204 miles
206 miles
213 miles
251 miles
262 miles
272 miles
313 miles
384 miles
 Oropesa, Peru
 Anta, Peru
 Urcos, Peru
 Urubamba, Peru
 Calca, Peru
 Paucartambo, Peru
 Sicuani, Peru
 Abancay, Peru
 Santa Ana, Peru
 Santo Tomas, Peru
 Ayaviri, Peru
 San Jeronimo, Peru
 Andahuaylas, Peru
 Talavera, Peru
 Nunoa, Peru
 Orcopampa, Peru
 Tambo, Peru
 Pangoa, Peru
 Macusani, Peru
 San Miguel, Peru
International mileage
398 miles
400 miles
627 miles
1,173 miles
1,275 miles
1,276 miles
1,321 miles
1,474 miles
 El Alto, Bolivia
 La Paz, Bolivia
 Cochabamba, Bolivia
 Salta, Argentina
 Santa Cruz, Bolivia
 Tucuman, Argentina
 San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina
 Manaus, Brazil

distances in Peru

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