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Major cities in Brazil
126 miles
372 miles
 Porto Alegre
Closer towns
26 miles
35 miles
37 miles
44 miles
44 miles
49 miles
51 miles
54 miles
54 miles
54 miles
60 miles
64 miles
65 miles
71 miles
71 miles
80 miles
82 miles
84 miles
92 miles
96 miles
 Nova Prata, Brazil
 Veranopolis, Brazil
 Encantado, Brazil
 Bento Goncalves, Brazil
 Marau, Brazil
 Arroio do Meio, Brazil
 Garibaldi, Brazil
 Teutonia, Brazil
 Lajeado, Brazil
 Carlos Barbosa, Brazil
 Farroupilha, Brazil
 Passo Fundo, Brazil
 Tapejara, Brazil
 Caxias do Sul, Brazil
 Venancio Aires, Brazil
 Lagoa Vermelha, Brazil
 Flores da Cunha, Brazil
 Ouro Fino, Brazil
 Soledade, Brazil
 Sao Marcos, Brazil
International mileage
296 miles
327 miles
335 miles
 Obera, Argentina
 Rivera, Uruguay
 Eldorado, Argentina

distances in Brazil

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