Jaszladany distances

Major cities in Hungary
17 miles
42 miles
45 miles
72 miles
74 miles
76 miles
83 miles
99 miles
104 miles
105 miles
105 miles
106 miles
108 miles
136 miles
143 miles
175 miles
181 miles
200 miles
205 miles
206 miles
Closer towns
10 miles
16 miles
17 miles
18 miles
28 miles
29 miles
 Alattyan, Hungary
 Abony, Hungary
 Szolnok, Hungary
 Jaszbereny, Hungary
 Nagykata, Hungary
 Torokszentmiklos, Hungary
International mileage
111 miles
124 miles
156 miles
175 miles
183 miles
194 miles
203 miles
 Oradea, Romania
 Kosice, Slovakia
 Arad, Romania
 Novi Sad, Serbia
 Timisoara, Romania
 Bratislava, Slovakia
 Baia Mare, Romania

distances in Hungary

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