Jimenez distances

Major cities in Mexico
59 miles
251 miles
268 miles
283 miles
286 miles
387 miles
411 miles
469 miles
604 miles
684 miles
707 miles
846 miles
 Ciudad Juarez
 San Luis Potosi
 Mexico City
Closer towns
8 miles
15 miles
18 miles
30 miles
49 miles
56 miles
59 miles
101 miles
117 miles
133 miles
142 miles
146 miles
164 miles
200 miles
205 miles
212 miles
226 miles
251 miles
253 miles
300 miles
 Meoqui, Mexico
 Santa Cruz de Rosales, Mexico
 Delicias, Mexico
 Saucillo, Mexico
 Naica, Mexico
 Camargo, Mexico
 Chihuahua, Mexico
 Valentin Gomez Farias, Mexico
 Cuauhtemoc, Mexico
 Valle de Allende, Mexico
 Ignacio Zaragoza, Mexico
 Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Mexico
 Santa Barbara, Mexico
 Ojinaga, Mexico
 Ahumada, Mexico
 Creel, Mexico
 Madera, Mexico
 Benito Juarez, Mexico
 Santa Maria Del Oro, Mexico
 Guadalupe y Calvo, Mexico
International mileage
285 miles
558 miles
666 miles
687 miles
 El Paso, TX
 Albuquerque, NM
 San Antonio, TX
 Austin, TX

distances in Mexico

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