Juarez distances

Major cities in Mexico
1 mile
230 miles
524 miles
620 miles
733 miles
735 miles
751 miles
795 miles
818 miles
863 miles
901 miles
952 miles
1,005 miles
1,107 miles
1,125 miles
1,129 miles
1,137 miles
1,201 miles
1,359 miles
1,925 miles
 Ciudad Juarez
 San Luis Potosi
 Mexico City
Closer towns
1 mile
45 miles
81 miles
100 miles
114 miles
172 miles
177 miles
218 miles
230 miles
259 miles
265 miles
290 miles
291 miles
301 miles
310 miles
319 miles
321 miles
337 miles
370 miles
386 miles
 Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
 Praxedis Guerrero, Mexico
 Ahumada, Mexico
 Puerto Palomas, Mexico
 Ascension, Mexico
 Nuevo Casas Grandes, Mexico
 Casas Grandes, Mexico
 Benito Juarez, Mexico
 Chihuahua, Mexico
 Ojinaga, Mexico
 Agua Prieta, Mexico
 Cuauhtemoc, Mexico
 Naco, Mexico
 Madera, Mexico
 Esqueda, Mexico
 Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Mexico
 Ignacio Zaragoza, Mexico
 Nacozari, Mexico
 Cumpas, Mexico
 Moctezuma, Mexico
International mileage
432 miles
554 miles
637 miles
726 miles
746 miles
804 miles
1,144 miles
1,491 miles
1,822 miles
1,860 miles
 Phoenix, AZ
 San Antonio, TX
 Dallas, TX
 San Diego, CA
 Houston, TX
 Los Angeles, CA
 San Jose, CA
 Chicago, IL
 Calgary, Canada
 Vancouver, Canada

distances in Mexico

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