Laranjeiras distances

Major cities in Brazil
14 miles
157 miles
195 miles
215 miles
299 miles
300 miles
 Feira de Santana
Closer towns
8 miles
9 miles
13 miles
14 miles
14 miles
22 miles
23 miles
24 miles
28 miles
30 miles
31 miles
33 miles
34 miles
36 miles
40 miles
41 miles
47 miles
50 miles
55 miles
55 miles
 Nossa Senhora do Socorro, Brazil
 Maruim, Brazil
 Santo Amaro das Brotas, Brazil
 Barra dos Coqueiros, Brazil
 Aracaju, Brazil
 Sao Cristovao, Brazil
 Malhador, Brazil
 Japaratuba, Brazil
 Itabaiana, Brazil
 Moita Bonita, Brazil
 Capela, Brazil
 Campo do Brito, Brazil
 Nossa Senhora das Dores, Brazil
 Salgado, Brazil
 Frei Paulo, Brazil
 Ribeiropolis, Brazil
 Estancia, Brazil
 Aquidaba, Brazil
 Lagarto, Brazil
 Boquim, Brazil

distances in Brazil

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