Lecce distances

Major cities in Italy
69 miles
100 miles
260 miles
307 miles
307 miles
364 miles
379 miles
445 miles
511 miles
528 miles
532 miles
542 miles
579 miles
599 miles
603 miles
632 miles
643 miles
673 miles
700 miles
715 miles
 Reggio di Calabria
Closer towns
4 miles
9 miles
11 miles
11 miles
11 miles
11 miles
13 miles
13 miles
16 miles
16 miles
17 miles
17 miles
18 miles
18 miles
18 miles
19 miles
20 miles
21 miles
27 miles
28 miles
 Surbo, Italy
 Trepuzzi, Italy
 Cavallino, Italy
 Lizzanello, Italy
 Monteroni di Lecce, Italy
 Carmiano, Italy
 Squinzano, Italy
 Campi Salentina, Italy
 Salice Salentino, Italy
 Melendugno, Italy
 Leverano, Italy
 Veglie, Italy
 Copertino, Italy
 San Pietro Vernotico, Italy
 Galatina, Italy
 Galatone, Italy
 Martano, Italy
 Nardo, Italy
 Aradeo, Italy
 Cutrofiano, Italy
International mileage
408 miles
479 miles
678 miles
 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Athens, Greece
 Bucharest, Romania

distances in Italy

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