Minusio distances

Major cities in Switzerland
85 miles
100 miles
100 miles
124 miles
124 miles
144 miles
149 miles
151 miles
159 miles
159 miles
160 miles
164 miles
172 miles
172 miles
184 miles
189 miles
190 miles
201 miles
201 miles
203 miles
 Saint Gallen
 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Closer towns
2 miles
13 miles
27 miles
85 miles
88 miles
 Locarno, Switzerland
 Bellinzona, Switzerland
 Lugano, Switzerland
 Chur, Switzerland
 Schwyz, Switzerland
International mileage
72 miles
125 miles
127 miles
152 miles
155 miles
166 miles
167 miles
180 miles
202 miles
 Milan, Italy
 Turin, Italy
 Brescia, Italy
 Parma, Italy
 Genoa, Italy
 Verona, Italy
 Reggio Emilia, Italy
 Modena, Italy
 Freiburg, Germany

distances in Switzerland

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