Oxford, CT distances

Major cities in the United States
83 miles
143 miles
182 miles
278 miles
629 miles
682 miles
706 miles
801 miles
856 miles
948 miles
1,012 miles
1,178 miles
1,636 miles
1,670 miles
1,715 miles
1,833 miles
2,500 miles
2,859 miles
2,918 miles
2,925 miles
 New York, NY
 Boston, MA
 Philadelphia, PA
 Baltimore, MD
 Columbus, OH
 Detroit, MI
 Charlotte, NC
 Indianapolis, IN
 Chicago, IL
 Milwaukee, WI
 Jacksonville, FL
 Memphis, TN
 Dallas, TX
 Fort Worth, TX
 Houston, TX
 Austin, TX
 Phoenix, AZ
 Los Angeles, CA
 San Diego, CA
 Seattle, WA
Closer towns
4 miles
6 miles
7 miles
8 miles
9 miles
10 miles
11 miles
11 miles
13 miles
13 miles
15 miles
15 miles
16 miles
16 miles
17 miles
18 miles
19 miles
19 miles
19 miles
23 miles
 Seymour, CT
 Southbury, CT
 Ansonia, CT
 Naugatuck, CT
 Derby, CT
 Woodbridge, CT
 Shelton, CT
 Woodbury, CT
 Prospect, CT
 Waterbury, CT
 New Haven, CT
 Orange, CT
 West Haven, CT
 Watertown, CT
 Milford, CT
 Hamden, CT
 Wolcott, CT
 North Haven, CT
 Trumbull, CT
 Cheshire, CT
International mileage
337 miles
500 miles
2,645 miles
 Montreal, Canada
 Toronto, Canada
 Puebla, Mexico

distances in Connecticut

distances in the United States

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