Retalhuleu distances

Major cities in Guatemala
25 miles
33 miles
45 miles
48 miles
61 miles
81 miles
90 miles
94 miles
102 miles
107 miles
111 miles
112 miles
114 miles
114 miles
115 miles
120 miles
126 miles
127 miles
234 miles
302 miles
 San Francisco El Alto
 Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa
 Villa Nueva
 San Miguel Petapa
 Villa Canales
 Guatemala City
 Santa Catarina Pinula
 San Juan Sacatepequez
 Puerto Barrios
Closer towns
4 miles
5 miles
7 miles
9 miles
9 miles
10 miles
10 miles
12 miles
15 miles
17 miles
17 miles
18 miles
19 miles
20 miles
20 miles
21 miles
22 miles
23 miles
23 miles
24 miles
 San Sebastian, Guatemala
 Nuevo San Carlos, Guatemala
 Santa Cruz Mulua, Guatemala
 El Asintal, Guatemala
 San Martin Zapotitlan, Guatemala
 San Andres Villa Seca, Guatemala
 San Felipe, Guatemala
 Cuyotenango, Guatemala
 El Palmar, Guatemala
 Pueblo Nuevo, Guatemala
 San Gabriel, Guatemala
 Mazatenango, Guatemala
 Colomba, Guatemala
 San Francisco Zapotitlan, Guatemala
 San Lorenzo, Guatemala
 Flores Costa Cuca, Guatemala
 Samayac, Guatemala
 Zunilito, Guatemala
 Genova, Guatemala
 Santo Domingo Suchitepequez, Guatemala
International mileage
69 miles
213 miles
217 miles
218 miles
225 miles
229 miles
244 miles
248 miles
253 miles
279 miles
 Tapachula, Mexico
 Santa Ana, El Salvador
 Santa Tecla, El Salvador
 Nueva San Salvador, El Salvador
 Mejicanos, El Salvador
 Apopa, El Salvador
 San Martin, El Salvador
 San Salvador, El Salvador
 Soyapango, El Salvador
 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico

distances in Guatemala

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