Romanshorn distances

Major cities in Switzerland
15 miles
36 miles
51 miles
52 miles
66 miles
69 miles
102 miles
102 miles
104 miles
124 miles
131 miles
132 miles
143 miles
144 miles
149 miles
149 miles
190 miles
225 miles
231 miles
233 miles
 Saint Gallen
 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Closer towns
6 miles
12 miles
15 miles
20 miles
20 miles
22 miles
25 miles
28 miles
 Arbon, Switzerland
 Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
 Saint Gallen, Switzerland
 Herisau, Switzerland
 Wil, Switzerland
 Gossau, Switzerland
 Appenzell, Switzerland
 Frauenfeld, Switzerland
International mileage
91 miles
125 miles
133 miles
144 miles
148 miles
157 miles
193 miles
205 miles
206 miles
222 miles
 Freiburg, Germany
 Stuttgart, Germany
 Augsburg, Germany
 Strasbourg, France
 Munich, Germany
 Karlsruhe, Germany
 Mannheim, Germany
 Milan, Italy
 Saarbrucken, Germany
 Nuremberg, Germany

distances in Switzerland

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