Sajkas distances

Major cities in Serbia
18 miles
23 miles
46 miles
57 miles
61 miles
71 miles
76 miles
86 miles
91 miles
97 miles
129 miles
134 miles
146 miles
148 miles
168 miles
195 miles
207 miles
218 miles
261 miles
274 miles
 Novi Sad
 Novi Pazar
Closer towns
4 miles
7 miles
18 miles
18 miles
19 miles
21 miles
22 miles
23 miles
24 miles
27 miles
28 miles
32 miles
33 miles
37 miles
39 miles
 Durdevo, Serbia
 Zabalj, Serbia
 Novi Sad, Serbia
 Temerin, Serbia
 Petrovaradin, Serbia
 Veternik, Serbia
 Indija, Serbia
 Zrenjanin, Serbia
 Futog, Serbia
 Becej, Serbia
 Stara Pazova, Serbia
 Nova Pazova, Serbia
 Novi Becej, Serbia
 Ruma, Serbia
 Srbobran, Serbia
International mileage
88 miles
98 miles
110 miles
193 miles
201 miles
204 miles
234 miles
244 miles
262 miles
269 miles
 Timisoara, Romania
 Szeged, Hungary
 Arad, Romania
 Budapest, Hungary
 Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Oradea, Romania
 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Pristina, Kosovo
 Craiova, Romania

distances in Serbia

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