Sederot distances

Major cities in Israel
13 miles
24 miles
26 miles
34 miles
39 miles
40 miles
41 miles
41 miles
42 miles
46 miles
47 miles
47 miles
48 miles
53 miles
55 miles
59 miles
66 miles
73 miles
103 miles
106 miles
 Rishon LeZion
 Beit Shemesh
 Bat Yam
 Tel Aviv
 Bnei Brak
 Bene Beraq
 Ramat Gan
 Petah Tikva
 Kefar Sava
Closer towns
9 miles
13 miles
18 miles
18 miles
20 miles
21 miles
24 miles
24 miles
26 miles
31 miles
31 miles
34 miles
36 miles
39 miles
39 miles
40 miles
42 miles
43 miles
46 miles
47 miles
 Netivot, Israel
 Ashqelon, Israel
 Rahat, Israel
 Ofaqim, Israel
 Qiryat Malakhi, Israel
 Qiryat Gat, Israel
 Gan Yavne, Israel
 Ashdod, Israel
 Beersheba, Israel
 Yavne, Israel
 Gedera, Israel
 Rehovot, Israel
 Mazkeret Batya, Israel
 Ness Ziona, Israel
 Rishon LeZion, Israel
 Beit Shemesh, Israel
 Bet Shemesh, Israel
 Ramla, Israel
 Lod, Israel
 Beitar Illit, Israel
International mileage
54 miles
63 miles
76 miles
 Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories
 Ramallah, Palestinian Territories
 al-Bireh, Palestinian Territories

distances in Israel

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