Sessa Aurunca distances

Major cities in Italy
45 miles
68 miles
71 miles
119 miles
129 miles
133 miles
155 miles
188 miles
200 miles
236 miles
272 miles
274 miles
282 miles
316 miles
338 miles
341 miles
398 miles
478 miles
Closer towns
11 miles
11 miles
12 miles
18 miles
20 miles
20 miles
23 miles
23 miles
24 miles
24 miles
25 miles
28 miles
29 miles
29 miles
29 miles
29 miles
33 miles
33 miles
35 miles
37 miles
 Teano, Italy
 Minturno, Italy
 Mondragone, Italy
 Castel Volturno, Italy
 Formia, Italy
 Capua, Italy
 Villa Literno, Italy
 Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Italy
 San Prisco, Italy
 Gaeta, Italy
 Casal di Principe, Italy
 Caserta, Italy
 Pontecorvo, Italy
 Trentola-ducenta, Italy
 Casaluce, Italy
 Marcianise, Italy
 Venafro, Italy
 Aversa, Italy
 Qualiano, Italy
 Cassino, Italy

distances in Italy

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