Uberlandia distances

Major cities in Brazil
176 miles
218 miles
274 miles
311 miles
361 miles
365 miles
368 miles
377 miles
602 miles
631 miles
721 miles
1,010 miles
1,056 miles
1,324 miles
1,484 miles
1,495 miles
 Ribeirao Preto
 Belo Horizonte
 Sao Paulo
 Rio de Janeiro
 Porto Alegre
 Joao Pessoa
Closer towns
28 miles
50 miles
69 miles
70 miles
72 miles
72 miles
97 miles
103 miles
103 miles
106 miles
107 miles
111 miles
112 miles
116 miles
122 miles
132 miles
134 miles
137 miles
156 miles
166 miles
 Araguari, Brazil
 Prata, Brazil
 Catalao, Brazil
 Tupaciguara, Brazil
 Monte Carmelo, Brazil
 Uberaba, Brazil
 Patrocinio, Brazil
 Monte Alegre de Minas, Brazil
 Coromandel, Brazil
 Conceicao Das Alagoas, Brazil
 Ipameri, Brazil
 Sacramento, Brazil
 Caldas Novas, Brazil
 Rio Quente, Brazil
 Ituiutaba, Brazil
 Buriti Alegre, Brazil
 Igarapava, Brazil
 Capinopolis, Brazil
 Itumbiara, Brazil
 Centralina, Brazil
International mileage
710 miles
1,189 miles
 Ciudad del Este, Paraguay
 Resistencia, Argentina

distances in Brazil

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