Victoria, Canada distances

Major cities in Canada
68 miles
72 miles
659 miles
775 miles
1,480 miles
2,480 miles
2,600 miles
2,659 miles
2,674 miles
2,696 miles
2,725 miles
2,732 miles
2,733 miles
2,741 miles
2,749 miles
2,760 miles
2,808 miles
2,840 miles
3,061 miles
3,220 miles
 Quebec City
Closer towns
17 miles
25 miles
38 miles
50 miles
53 miles
55 miles
57 miles
61 miles
64 miles
68 miles
68 miles
69 miles
71 miles
71 miles
72 miles
77 miles
79 miles
81 miles
83 miles
84 miles
 Sidney, Canada
 Sooke, Canada
 Duncan, Canada
 Chemainus, Canada
 Tsawwassen, Canada
 Ladysmith, Canada
 Lake Cowichan, Canada
 Delta, Canada
 Richmond, Canada
 Nanaimo, Canada
 Vancouver, Canada
 Burnaby, Canada
 White Rock, Canada
 New Westminster, Canada
 Surrey, Canada
 North Vancouver, Canada
 Port Coquitlam, Canada
 Coquitlam, Canada
 Pitt Meadows, Canada
 Langley, Canada
International mileage
1,217 miles
1,354 miles
1,560 miles
2,211 miles
2,488 miles
2,831 miles
2,952 miles
2,996 miles
3,049 miles
3,084 miles
 Los Angeles, CA
 Tijuana, Mexico
 Phoenix, AZ
 Chicago, IL
 Houston, TX
 Guadalajara, Mexico
 Philadelphia, PA
 New York, NY
 Puebla, Mexico
 Mexico City, Mexico

distances in Canada

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