Pocerski Pricinovic mileage chart

Major cities in Serbia
3 miles
39 miles
44 miles
57 miles
68 miles
81 miles
88 miles
89 miles
89 miles
100 miles
104 miles
106 miles
109 miles
138 miles
167 miles
171 miles
198 miles
222 miles
234 miles
264 miles
 Novi Sad
 Novi Pazar
Closer towns
3 miles
23 miles
24 miles
33 miles
36 miles
36 miles
37 miles
39 miles
40 miles
45 miles
 Sabac, Serbia
 Ruma, Serbia
 Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia
 Obrenovac, Serbia
 Loznica, Serbia
 Stara Pazova, Serbia
 Indija, Serbia
 Valjevo, Serbia
 Nova Pazova, Serbia
 Surcin, Serbia
International mileage
132 miles
139 miles
149 miles
154 miles
158 miles
189 miles
191 miles
226 miles
229 miles
251 miles
 Szeged, Hungary
 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Timisoara, Romania
 Arad, Romania
 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Pecs, Hungary
 Budapest, Hungary
 Zagreb, Croatia
 Podgorica, Montenegro

Serbia mileage chart

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