Sostanj mileage chart

Major cities in Slovenia
4 miles
15 miles
19 miles
24 miles
49 miles
51 miles
54 miles
68 miles
88 miles
116 miles
 Slovenj Gradec
 Novo Mesto
Closer towns
4 miles
10 miles
15 miles
19 miles
24 miles
49 miles
 Velenje, Slovenia
 Mozirje, Slovenia
 Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
 Celje, Slovenia
 Trbovlje, Slovenia
 Maribor, Slovenia
International mileage
67 miles
76 miles
84 miles
91 miles
94 miles
111 miles
113 miles
 Klagenfurt, Austria
 Samobor, Croatia
 Varazdin, Croatia
 Villach, Austria
 Graz, Austria
 Zagreb, Croatia
 Trieste, Italy

Slovenia mileage chart

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