Sunchales mileage chart

Major cities in Argentina
92 miles
114 miles
178 miles
184 miles
252 miles
277 miles
361 miles
393 miles
523 miles
 Santa Fe
 Rio Cuarto
 Buenos Aires
 San Miguel de Tucuman
 San Juan
Closer towns
29 miles
48 miles
70 miles
72 miles
82 miles
92 miles
96 miles
100 miles
114 miles
116 miles
116 miles
138 miles
145 miles
158 miles
169 miles
177 miles
208 miles
209 miles
211 miles
264 miles
 Rafaela, Argentina
 Morteros, Argentina
 Esperanza, Argentina
 San Francisco, Argentina
 San Carlos Centro, Argentina
 Santa Fe, Argentina
 Carlos Pellegrini, Argentina
 Sauce Viejo, Argentina
 Parana, Argentina
 Arroyito, Argentina
 Coronda, Argentina
 Diamante, Argentina
 Villa del Totoral, Argentina
 Canada de Gomez, Argentina
 Villa Maria, Argentina
 Bell Ville, Argentina
 Victoria, Argentina
 Oncativo, Argentina
 La Paz, Argentina
 Esquina, Argentina
International mileage
286 miles
299 miles
 Paysandu, Uruguay
 Salto, Uruguay

Argentina mileage chart

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