ULY mileage chart

Major cities in Russia
24 miles
139 miles
151 miles
162 miles
216 miles
259 miles
305 miles
344 miles
398 miles
402 miles
419 miles
430 miles
511 miles
 Nizhniy Novgorod
Closer towns
7 miles
19 miles
24 miles
30 miles
32 miles
37 miles
37 miles
40 miles
44 miles
45 miles
46 miles
46 miles
47 miles
48 miles
49 miles
56 miles
65 miles
68 miles
70 miles
83 miles
 Cherdakly, Russia
 Staraya Mayna, Russia
 Ulyanovsk, Russia
 Isheyevka, Russia
 Mullovka, Russia
 Novoulyanovsk, Russia
 Bolshiye Klyuchishchi, Russia
 Dimitrovgrad, Russia
 Bolshoye Nagatkino, Russia
 Tsilna, Russia
 Undory, Russia
 Krasnyy Gulyay, Russia
 Silikatnyy, Russia
 Nikolskoye-na-Cheremshane, Russia
 Novaya Mayna, Russia
 Bolgar, Russia
 Sengiley, Russia
 Terenga, Russia
 Buinsk, Russia
 Khryashchevka, Russia
International mileage
309 miles
 Oral, Kazakhstan

Russia mileage chart

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